Association IFPEK

Cécile RIOU, Chair






What does IFPEK have to offer?

  • a single location in Rennes that is home to the Chiropody-Podiatry, Occupational Therapy and Massage-Physiotherapy institutes
  • personalised coaching for all students to help them succeed in their studies and launch their careers
  • joint training days where students from all departments can work together on a project with a common goal

What sets IFPEK apart?

Cross-disciplinary learning. It is becoming quite common for professionals to partner with patients to develop their care and rehabilitation programmes. IFPEK is a place where learning is always being enhanced with cross-disciplinary interactions between students, who are our future rehabilitation professionals, teachers and guest lecturers.

High-quality education. The process of developing, discovering and taking ownership of the rehabilitation professions involves collaborations between students and educators. Guest lecturers with a variety of healthcare expertise enhance the educational experience with their insights. Our educational methods evolve to keep pace with new technologies that give students everything they need to successfully complete their programmes.

Personalised coaching. To supplement the theory-based instruction, hands-on work and tutorials that are offered, students have access to personalised coaching from our educators and teams. IFPEK has developed a range of services to promote lifelong learning, professional collaboration and cooperation.

Career services. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and IFPEK offers programmes in fields with excellent career prospects. A continuing education, advising and counselling service is available to students to help them transition into their new careers.

International growth. At IFPEK we are strengthening our partnerships in Brittany, Europe and beyond through agreements with universities. Students can contact the International Relations office for information about conferences, symposiums and international work placements. So many different ways to explore the world.

Research. Making discoveries and contributing to science through our work to unlock new ways of looking at our field, develop new practices, and improve the quality and effectiveness of treatments and care – that is why research is an integral part of our work at the Institute. This focus helps produce mindful practitioners.

Student life in a vibrant city. A bustling university town, connected to the world and accessible for the elderly and disabled, Rennes has an endless supply of opportunities for students to enjoy, in terms of social, athletic and recreational activities. A Student Life Advisor is here to help each and every student make the most of their social and academic life.